Nest on the outside pic !

Nest on the inside pic !

Chickadee Videos

1st hatches on May 14th !

2nd Hatching

Second one is an egghead !

Cleaning day !

I'll do that !

3 Eggs left

2 Eggs left

1 Egg left

Feeding help !

All 8 have hatched

More food !

Where did I put that one

Keep your head in

Who wants food

OK everybody watch

All 8 accounted for !

Now there's a bird lover

Garbage in garbage out

Last count of 8

First wing we noticed

One's hurt

It doesn't look good

Feedins continue

He's still hurting

He passed in the night

Life goes on with 7

More wings and garbage

Is there another way

One last look

A minute's silence please

C'mon ma stop pushing

eat and poop

Yeh farmer's in the dell

First flutter

He does't She does

Look at MY wings ma !

Eat and poop eat and poop

OK which one had gas

Oh yeh listen to this

No I'm tired of taking it out

Now that took a while

Help let me outta here

I can do that too showoff !

I made it out

Stay in line

I can dive from 2nd level !

She feeds he feeds !

Night flight

Tomorrow is the big day

I can go up and down !

I can go anywhere

Number 6's turn to leave

Number 3 takes leave !

Last one builds up nerve !

Last one says goodbye

All gone within an hour

Except for the fly

Copyright © 1986 - D VANDERSTELT